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Mathias Oelke, Ph.D.

Mathias Oelke
Mathias Oelke, Ph.D.

Research summary

The Oelke lab is developing new bead-based technologies that combine immunology, bio- and nanotechnology for modulation and regulation of antigen-specific immune responses. The beads essentially act as artificial antigen-presenting cells—which are cells that present foreign antigens to T cells to activate an immune response. These beads can be tailored to carry specific antigens that will enable the development of new immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, as well as T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection.

Additional information

Assistant Professor of Pathology

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Contact information
Phone: 410-502-7128
Lab: 410-502-7131
Fax: 443-287-0993



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