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Institute for Cell Engineering (ICE)

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ICE Advisory Council

Peter Agre, M.D.
Director, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Ted Dawson, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, ICE

Valina Dawson, Ph.D.
Director, ICE Neuroregeneration Program
Co-director, ICE Stem Cell Program

Stephen V. Desiderio, M.D., Ph.D. 
Director, ICE Immunobiology Program

Peter Devreotos, Ph.D.
Director, Cell Biology

Carol Greider, Ph.D.
Director, Molecular Biology and Genetics

Abraham (Avi) Kupfer, Ph.D. 
Co-Director, ICE Immunobiology Program

Gregg L. Semenza, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, ICE Vascular Biology Program

Hongjun Song, Ph.D.
Director, ICE Stem Cell Program

Solomon H. Snyder, M.D.
Professor, Neuroscience

Bert Vogelstein, M.D. 
Professor, Department of Oncology