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Breast Cancer in Men

According to the National Institutes of Health, male breast cancer cases make up less than 1 percent of all cases in the United States. Men can develop the following types of breast cancer:

What is the treatment for male breast cancer?

The treatments for breast cancer in men are similar to those of women, with the exception of surgical options. Given breast volume and tumor location, the standard of care for men is to have mastectomy surgery, rather than lumpectomy. Male breast cancers are usually hormone receptor positive tumors and hormonal therapy is also commonly part of the systemic treatment. Genetic testing should be considered for men who develop breast cancer.

What is the prognosis for male breast cancer?

The survival rates and prognoses for men is not as good as it is for women. Men have a 25 percent higher mortality rate than women. This is believed to be due in part to men getting diagnosed with later stage disease.

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