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How We Apply Design Thinking

TIC team members at a design thinking workshop


The Technology Innovation Center team is trained and practiced in facilitation of design thinking workshops. Together with the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, the TIC often aids facilitation of innovative project brainstorming and decision-making. These projects are usually both patient experience and technology based around the Johns Hopkins campuses, and are just one more piece of fulfilling the TIC’s mission re-imagine health care while delivering the promise of medicine.

Past projects have included sessions with:


The Technology Innovation Center applies design thinking values to the work it does with each of its software application development projects. On or before project kick off, the TIC team invites the project clinical champion(s) to a design session to think through the problem space further and brainstorm and narrow a feature set with a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, and project managers. The clinical champion guides the team through his or her clinical workflow and discusses his or her ideal solution.

In addition to initial design sessions like these, the team holds regular stakeholder and end-user discovery sessions with potential application users and leaders throughout the development process. The Technology Innovation Center builds with iterative and agile development principles. The goal is to get the application into the hands of our users as quickly as possible in order to quickly receive feedback and improve on initial prototypes.

Clinicians and developers collaborating using design thinking methodology