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Johns Hopkins Global Surgery Journal Club

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JHGSI hosts a monthly Global Surgery journal club or speaker event. Everyone, regardless of institution, discipline, or level of training, is welcome to attend. Our international colleagues are especially invited to join.

At each journal club, we discuss one to three journal articles focused on one topic. We often invite one of the article’s lead authors to join so that we can learn directly from the researcher.

  • Date: The third Wednesday of every month, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. ET
  • Location: Zoom

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You may access our Global Surgery YouTube playlist here.


2023 Journal Club Topics and Articles:

DateTopicRecordings and Articles
2/22/23Improving Global Access to Neurosurgical Training

Access to Neurosurgical Training

Guest author: Dr. Adam Ammar

  1. Access to Health Services Among Forced Migrants in Tanzania: A Cluster Randomized Cross Sectional Study of 3560 Congolese and Burundian Refugees
  2. Untreated Surgical Problems Among East African Refugees: A Cluster Randomized, Cross-Sectional Study
1/18/23Surgical Systems in Settings of Forced Migration

Guest author: Dr. Zach Enumah

  1. Access to Health Services Among Forced Migrants in Tanzania: A Cluster Randomized Cross Sectional Study of 3560 Congolese and Burundian Refugees
  2. Untreated Surgical Problems Among East African Refugees: A Cluster Randomized, Cross-Sectional Study

2022 Journal Club Topics and Articles:

DateTopicRecordings and Articles
12/21/22Orthopaedic Surgery in Low-Resource Settings

Guest author: Dr. Julius Oni

  1. The SIGN Nail: Factors in a Successful Device for Low-Resource Settings
  2. Surgical Implant Generation Network (SIGN) implant follow-up: Assessment of Squat and Smile and fracture healing
11/16/22Pediatric Global Surgery

Guest author: Dr. Daniel Rhee

  1. Lessons from Developing, Implementing and Sustaining a Participatory Partnership for Children's Surgical Care in Tanzania
  2. Implementation of a Contextually Appropriate Pediatric Emergency Surgical Care Course in Uganda
10/17/22Joint JHGSI – Center for Global Emergency Care Speaker Series: Trauma Care Systems Development in LMICs

Trauma Care Systems Development in LMICs

Guest authors: Drs. Abdulgafoor Bachani & Kent Stevens

  1. Trauma Systems in Kenya: A Qualitative Analysis at the District Level
  2. Nine-point Plan to Improve Care of the Injured Patient: A Case Study from Kenya
9/14/22Decolonizing Global Health in the Context of Global Surgery

Guest author: Dr. Anna Kalbarczyk

  1. Eliminating the White Supremacy Mindset from Global Health Education
  2. The White Savior Industrial Complex in Global Health
8/24/22Research Update: Assessing Compliance and Completeness of Surgical Safety Checklist in an Ethiopian Teaching Hospital

Guest author: Dr. Yidnek Mogessie

No associated readings

7/20/22War Hospitals: Far Away and Close to the Conflict

Guest author: Dr. Adam Goldstein

No associated readings

6/15/22Surgery & Health Care in Conflict Zones
  1. Ethics in Conflict Zones
  2. When Clinicians Aren't Prepared
5/18/22Global Interprofessional Collaboration in Surgery

Guest authors: Drs. Vinciya Pandian and Michael Brenner

  1. Intubation Safety
  2. Critical Care Guidance
4/8/22Public Health Week 2022: Global Surgery Panel DiscussionN/A
3/23/22Applications of Global Surgery: A Public Health Perspective

Guest author: Dr. Jordan Pyda

  1. Resilient Health Systems
  2. Transplant Surgery in Ethiopia
2/16/22Financial Risk Protection for Surgical Care: Evidence Across Settings

Guest author: Dr. Juliet Lumati

  1. ACTION Study Southeast Asia
  2. Catastrophic Payments Ghana
1/19/22Surgery in Settings of Humanitarian Crisis

Guest author: Dr. Ana Leticia Nery

  1. Excerpt: "An Imperfect Offering"
  2. Surgical Burden Among Forcibly Displaced Persons

2021 Journal Club Topics and Articles:

12/15/21Global Neurosurgery: Charting a Path Forward in Academic Institutions

Guest author: Dr. Anthony Fuller

  1. Global Neurosurgery: Way Forward
  2. Global Neurosurgery: Unmet Need
11/17/21Data Science & Surgery in LMICs

Guest author: Dr. Catherine Juillard

  1. Machine Learning without Borders 
  2. Economic Clusters Modeling in Disparities Research 
10/20/21Extending the Reach & Quality of Surgery Globally

Guest author: Dr. Henry Perry

  1. WHO Surgery and Health for All
  2.  Lessons from Nontechnical Skills for Surgery Implementation
09/15/21External Factors Affecting Surgical Care

Guest author: Dr. Catherine deVries

  1. Global surgical ecosystems
  2. Limited electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa
8/18/21Diagnosing & Predicting Post-op Infections in Rwanda

Guest author: Dr. Bethany Hedt-Gauthier 

  1. Diagnosing Post-op Surgical Site Infections in Rural Rwanda
  2. WASH in Rural Rwanda 
  3. Predicting Surgical Site Infection with Machine Learning
7/21/21Cost-effectiveness in Global Surgery

Guest author: Dr. Tiffany Chao 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness of Surgery and Policy Implications
  2. Beyond Outcomes: Applying Cost Effectiveness
  3. Aligning Economic Research & Disease Burden
 6/16/21Innovation & Tech in Global Surgery

Guest author: Dr. Ray Price 

  1. Disseminating Technology in Global Surgery
  2. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Mongolia
  3. Operative Care Capacity in Resource Limited Settings
5/19/21Policy, Advocacy, and NSOAPs

Guest author: Dr. Desmond Jumbam  

  1. Tanzania NSOAPs
  2. Costs of NSOAPs
  3. NSOAPs Progress
4/21/21Coalition Building (anesthesia, OBGYN, EM, etc.)

Guest author: Dr. Jeanne Sheffield 

  1. Protecting Pregnant Frontline Workers
  2. Colorectal Surgeons’ Perspectives
  3. Mail-based HPV Testing
3/17/21COVID-19 & Global Surgery

Guest author: Dr. Eric Etchill 

  1. Cancer Surgery During COVID-19
  2. Pediatric Surgery During COVID-19 in LMICs
  3. COVID-19 & Global Surgery Goals
2/17/21Surgery & SDGs

Guest author: Dr. Ernest Barthélemy 

  1. Neurosurgery & SDGs  
  2. Global Surgery & SDGs
  3. Global Surgery 2030 Roadmap
1/20/21Trauma Systems & Registries 

Guest author: Dr. Juan Carlos Puyana  

  1. Trauma Registry in Honduras
  2. Trauma Registries in Uganda
  3. Trauma Severity Score Comparisons
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