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Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care Suburban hospital hero - breast center

The Suburban Hospital Breast Cancer program, part of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in the greater Washington area, treats more than 300 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients annually. We are recognized by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

We set the standard for excellence in breast cancer care and treatment with quality coordinated care, compassion and expertise. By working collaboratively to be at the forefront of breast care education and research, Suburban helps to ensure that patients have the best opportunities in the detection and treatment of breast cancer.


Services and Scheduling Information

Upon initial diagnosis of breast cancer and continuing throughout the treatment process, our team of specialists works collaboratively to determine optimum plans of care.

  • We provide comprehensive screening and diagnostic testing for patients diagnosed with breast cancer and survivors. Our screening and diagnostic testing includes:

    Please call 443-997-7237 to request an exam. 

    Johns Hopkins Medicine pathologists consult regularly with the Breast Center's team of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and other pathology specialists to diagnose benign and neoplastic breast disease, assess its status, and address issues of appropriate care. 

  • At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, our breast surgeons are experts in breast surgical oncology. They work closely with our plastic and reconstructive surgeons to give women the best cosmetic results and options. We also offer nipple sparing and skin sparing mastectomy for patients who meet specific pathology criteria.

    Request an appointment: 301-530-5151

  • We provide two counseling services for breast cancer patients or those at risk at developing breast cancer:

    Genetic Counseling
    You may be at an increased risk of developing cancer based on your family's health history. Here are several risk factors to consider:

    • Personal or family history of breast cancer diagnosed before age 50
    • Personal or family history of ovarian cancer diagnosed at any age
    • Diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancer in the same woman
    • Personal or family history of male breast cancer
    • Breast and/or ovarian cancer in multiple generations
    • Membership in a population known to carry a founder mutation (such as the Ashkenazi Jewish population)
    • Personal history of an abnormal breast biopsy (atypical hyperplasia or lobular neoplasia, for example)

    For more information, call Judy Macon at 301-896-2445.

    (Please note: These risk factors are only guidelines. Your individual risk may depend on other factors.)

    Nutrition Counseling
    Adequate nutrition is a concern for many cancer patients. Our oncology dietitian is available to meet with you, one on one, to help you eat better and feel more comfortable throughout your cancer treatment. The oncology dietitian is available for the following:

    • Eating through cancer treatments
    • Assuring diet adequacy and weight maintenance
    • Dietary supplement evaluation
    • What to eat after cancer therapy
    • Other food-related issues that might be a concern

    Any Suburban cancer patient — inpatient or outpatient — may meet with our registered dietitian. To consult with the dietitian at any stage of your treatment, ask your breast surgeon or nurse in the radiation oncology, infusion or oncology inpatient department to refer you to the program.

Support Services

Our multidisciplinary center provides several support services for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. We offer the following support services:

  • Our social workers provide emotional support to patients and their families from the time of diagnosis through treatment and during the transition to life after treatment.They help patients cope with many challenges a cancer diagnosis brings through counseling, support groups and psychoeducational programs. Our social worker is Susan Jacobstein, LCSW-C who can be reached at 301-896-6837.
  • Each patient has access to Suburban Hospital's Nurse Navigator program. Nurse navigators provide cancer patients with resources and guidance for everything from appointment scheduling and insurance questions to helping with transportation and childcare. Jamie Borns, RN, BSN, works with patients diagnosed with cancers. Jamie has more than 30 years of nursing experience and is dedicated to advancing the role of the oncology nurse navigator. She is passionate about providing the highest quality of care and support to cancer patients. Jamie is available by phone at 301-896-6798 or by email at [email protected]
  • Suburban Hospital has a partnership with National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), which provides rehabilitation services for those coping with the effects of cancer surgery, including lymphedema. For more information, call 301-581-3030.

How to Find Us

Inpatient services are provided at Suburban Hospital. The majority of services offered throughout the course of care are conveniently located in the Johns Hopkins Health Care and Surgery Center. These include outpatient surgery, radiology services, radiation oncology and visits with surgeons and other specialists. We partner with Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging in Bethesda for screening and diagnostic services.

Suburban Hospital

8600 Old Georgetown Rd
Bethesda, MD 20814

Maps and Directions​​​​​​​

Johns Hopkins Health Care and Surgery Center

6420 Rockledge Drive
Suite 4100
Bethesda, MD 20817

Map and directions

Schedule an appointment: 301-530-5151

Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging—Bethesda

6420 Rockledge Drive
Suite 3100
Bethesda, MD 20817
Maps and directions

Schedule an appointment: 443-997-7237




Our Multidisciplinary Team

Suburban’s multidisciplinary team of experts specializing in the evaluation and management of breast disease, provides patients with outstanding individualized and compassionate care in a comfortable setting. Our team in Bethesda, Maryland includes dedicated breast imaging specialists at Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging and Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center surgeons and radiation oncologists.

Clinical trials are available through the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in the greater Washington area.



Please see the table below for a complete list of breast cancer experts on Suburban Hospital’s medical staff. These physicians also participate in our multidisciplinary pre-treatment breast conference, which is held biweekly.




Pamela Wright, MD

Breast surgeon


Bonnie Sun, MD

Breast surgeon


Amanda Walker

Radiation oncologist


Susan Stinson, MD

Radiation oncologist


Coleman Brown, MD

Plastic surgeon


James Bruno, MD

Plastic surgeon


Douglas Forman, MD

Plastic surgeon


Carolyn Hendricks, MD

Medical oncology


Kathy Huang, MD

Plastic surgeon


Shannon O'Connor, MD

Medical oncologist


Jocelyn Scheinert, MD



John Wallmark, MD

Medical oncologist


Sarah Zebb



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