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Division of Special Operations

DSOThe Division of Special Operations (DSO) provides central command and coordination of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution’s field emergency medicine operations and special event medical services. The mission of the DSO is to promote education, research and clinical excellence for the emergency medical care of patients in austere and complex,out-of-hospital environments.

  Since its formal inception in 2002, DSO has evolved into a central resource within the Department of Emergency Medicine for advisory, logistical and operational support of clinical care in challenging and unconventional venues.

Specific DSO programs and responsibilities include:

  • Medical direction for ground and air critical care patient transport.
  • Law enforcement medical direction and tactical medical support.
  • Special event medical services and mass gathering operational support
  • Disaster support and emergency preparedness
  • Telemedicine and remote access emergency consultation services.
  • Specialty training in pre- and out-of-hospital medicine including resident EMS rotations, Focused Advanced Specialty Training (FAST) for senior emergency medicine residents and oversight of the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fellowship.