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Design and Structure of the Genes to Society Curriculum

The Johns Hopkins Genes to Society curriculum begins with a grounding in what we’ve learned from the Human Genome Project about human variability, risk and the ability to modulate disease presentation and outcomes. We have also brought in a wealth of knowledge in the social and behavioral sciences as well as public health and policy content, with an aim toward improving societal health outcomes.

The Horizontal Strands (HS) are scientific, social, or clinical themes that are integrated across the four-year M.D. curriculum. The HSs provide a framework on which to base lifelong learning of each content area.

Year One Schedule

year one overview

Year Two Schedule

year two overview

Year Three Schedule

year three overview

Year Four Schedule

year four overview

* - Transition to Medical School;
** - Pre-Clerkship Education Exercises;
TIME - Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine;
TRIPLE - Transition to Residency and Internship and Preparation for Life
TS - Translational Science

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