Global Health Leadership Track

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Global Health Leadership Track (GHLT) is to train and empower future leaders in global health through an exchange of cultural, clinical, and educational knowledge and skills. The GHLT prepares students to leverage principles of public health, cultural humility, health equity, and health justice to better care and advocate for patients and communities, locally and abroad.

The Global Health Leadership Track includes:

  • Workshop curriculum
  • Mentorship
  • Global health Longitudinal Ambulatory Clerkship placement
  • GHLT scholarly project
  • Programmatic experience
  • Field experience
  • Capstone presentation

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the historical, cultural, and economic context of global health, including its roots in colonialism and its applications in lower-resource settings
  • Apply essential skills for research and clinical work, with particular focus on equitable care delivery, resource management, interdisciplinary teamwork, and cultural humility
  • Demonstrate their growth into effective and ethical leaders and practitioners of global health

Time Commitment and Program Length

GHLT will be introduced to first year students during TIME: Disparities and Inequities in Health and Health Care in August. The program will begin in November of Year 1 and run through March of Year 4.