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About Us

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Our mission

Committed to the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence, leadership and meeting the challenges of the future, JH Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment, providing quality service, developing community partnerships and setting the standard in the Security profession.

It is the mission of JH Public Safety to develop, implement and monitor an efficient, cost-effective, customer-oriented and proactive security program; to meet the needs of patients, visitors and employees of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine; and to interface with the community, local government and law enforcement to address public safety issues.

JH Public Safety's goal is to establish and maintain an atmosphere in which people can pursue their varied activities in furtherance of Johns Hopkins Medicine's mission of providing excellent patient care, research and teaching.

To fulfill its responsibility, JH Public Safety is committed to ensuring that:

  • Policies, rules and regulations of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine are enforced;
  • The premises are maintained in a safe and secure manner, and that the physical assets and operations are protected;
  • Employees feel secure in their work environment;
  • All personnel who utilize the facilities are educated in personal and property safety;
  • Incidents are reported, data is collected and analyzed, and appropriate action is taken.

Critical aspects

A safe and orderly environment is attainable only when there is active participation in, and cooperation with JH Public Safety's crime reduction efforts. For this reason, crime prevention and safety awareness education is a critical function of this department.

  • This will be accomplished by participation in all employee orientation sessions, departmental seminars, and by maintaining an active programming effort through committee membership, staff meetings and widely circulated media.
  • JH Public Safety will also give the highest preventive effort and investigative priority to crimes against persons, in recognition of the fact that fear of assault and injury is a critical barrier to a healthy institutional environment.
  • JH Public Safety will maintain staff training to serve as an effective first response resource in incidents of fire, life safety, hazardous material exposures and other safety-related events.