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Welcome to the Core in a Box website, dedicated to providing the Johns Hopkins research community with comprehensive access to our research core facilities and resources for core development and management. World-renowned for medical research and advances, our schools are home to a combined total of more than 120 Core Facilities, designed to encourage and enable cutting-edge research in the areas of basic science, genetics, medicine and others.

COVID-19 Information for Research Cores

Quick Links

  • Core Connector

    Search for a core facility by name, category, location, or keyword. Access our core management system to order services, reserve equipment, track projects, and manage costs.

  • Core Set Up

    Start a new core facility using our tools, user demand survey, templates, and process diagrams. Learn about the different types of cores you can operate.

  • Core Maintenance

    Optimize your core facility using our framework for oversight, management, and training. Find answers to your FAQ’s and how to work with external customers.

  • Core Equipment

    Follow our processes for obtaining new equipment, determining if you should buy or lease your next purchase, and how to trade-in or dispose of old equipment.

  • Grant Accelerator Program

    The school of medicine is introducing a new research award to help faculty members accelerate their discovery and bring their innovative ideas to fruition.

  • News and Events

    Get news, updates, and information about our JHU core facilities. Join your peers at upcoming meetings, conferences, and events.

COVID-19 Information for Research Cores

  • Please see the School of Medicine Research Restart webpage for the most recent policies, procedures, and information related to COVID-19 research restart.
  • If you have general questions related to COVID-19 and research cores or service centers, please contact Shawn Franckowiak or Jeff Smith from the SOM Office for Faculty Research Resources.
  • For questions/concerns related to possible lab/scientific supplier disruptions due to the virus, please contact: Lab/Scientific Category Lead John Hendricks, (phone) 443-997-1196.

Additional COVID-19 Preparedness Information for Research Cores

To see a complete list of all up coming events go to the Core News and Events page. 

Starting a New Core Facility

Interested in starting a new core facility? Learn more about the process, from business plans and proposals to implementing and monitoring your new core facility.

Number of JHU iLab Cores Connected through the JHU iLab System

  • 60


    School of Medicine

  • 5


    Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • 5


    Whiting School of Engineering

  • 1


    Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

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