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James M. Bennett High School Visits Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Students from James M. Bennett High School in Wicomico County traveled to Baltimore for a fun-filled day at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They spent the day touring the animal facility and laboratories, learning about careers in biomedical research and discussing the critical role of animals in research and medical advancements.

Children learning to suture on foam mice.
Jonathan Harrold teaches students how to suture while practicing on foam mice. From L to R: Jonathan Harrold, Max Paulifond, Collin Hoffman, Nicholas Hopkins, Koby Yeager, Benjamin Jordan, Benjamin Canada
Students performing a physical examination on a dog
Students practice performing physical examinations on Oliver, Dr. France’s dog, who helped out for the day. From L to R: Trenelle Dashielle, Clair Foster, Raegan Porter
Dawn Hull discussing research to students
Dawn Hull discusses current research occurring in the rodent vivarium at Johns Hopkins, which can hold up to 30,000 cages. From L to R: Taylor Outen, Brooke or Alan Robinson De’Andrae Matthews, Roxanne Chow, Maya Chow, Londyn Wiggins
Students looking at zebrafish embryos on a microscope
Students had the opportunity to view zebrafish embryos at various stages of development as embryogenesis is complete in 24 hours. Pictured:Jenna Tilghman
Students behind a banner.
Students signed the banner pledging their support for the animal heroes of biomedical research. Pictured: Dorothy Rogers, Jade Abreu, Jordyn Dashielle, Amyri Stanley, Roxanne Chow, Caitlin Labo, Josie Kostelic, Caroline Kennington, Eleni Milligan, Trenelle Dashielle, Madison Pruitt, Maya Chow, Macleod Messick-Wenzel, Sarah Sidell, Avery Halfpap, Audrey Moshfeghian, Tony Lin, Collin Hoffman, Max Paulifond, Benjamin Canada, Nicholas Hopkins, Koby Yeager, Taylor Outen, Benjamin Jordan, Andre Trotter, Jordan Williams, Richard Darnell, Linda Tello-Sanchez, Nate Petion, Cole Blades, Linsey Phillips, Stephen Carlton-Jones, Claire Foster, Victoria Hoisington, Raegan Porter, Jenna Tilghman, De’Andrae Matthews, Ja’Juan Ortiz, Mia Bryant, Maiyah Henry, Charlotte Sutter, Jonathan Harrold, Mary Archer, Tom Geitz, Dawn Hull, Sara Flemming, Logan France, Dakota, and Oliver