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J. Webster Stayman Lab

Web Stayman, Ph.D., M.S.

Principal Investigator:
Web Stayman, Ph.D., M.S.
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

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The J. Webster Stayman Lab studies both emission tomography and transmission tomography (CT, tomosynthesis and cone-beam CT). Our research activities relate to 3-D reconstruction, including model-based statistical / iterative reconstruction, regularization methods and modeling of imaging systems. We are developing a generalized framework for penalized likelihood (PL) reconstruction combining statistical models of noise and image formation with incorporation of prior information, including patient-specific prior images, atlases and models of components / devices known to be in the field of view. Our research includes algorithm development and physical experimentation for imaging system design and optimization.

Research Areas: 3-D, imaging, emission tomography, transmission tomography, radiology, computed tomography

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