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Types of Treatments

patient and doctor
Brain tumor expert Dr. Larry Kleinberg with patient.

The experienced radiation oncology team specializes in treating a variety of cancers with a number of radiation therapy options, including proton therapy. All these therapies use high energy, penetrating waves or particles to destroy cancer cells or keep them from reproducing. Your medical team will determine the most effective options for you.

Radio Embolization

This cancer treatment uses tiny glass or resin beads called microspheres to deliver radiation to a tumor through the bloodstream. These particles are placed inside blood vessels, where they travel to the tumor and deliver a high dose of radiation.

One type of radio embolization used at Johns Hopkins is TheraSphere, a treatment for liver cancers. Doctors infuse millions of particles into the arteries that feed liver tumors. Then, the particles lodge themselves by the tumors, emitting radiation.

Dr. Redmond with patient
Dr. Kristin Redmond with CyberKnife patient.


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