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Medical Physics Residency

Koren Smith and John Wong with the medical physics water tank which helps ensure accurate delivery of radiation during the planning process. Koren Smith and John Wong with the medical physics water tank which helps ensure accurate delivery or radiation during the planning process.

This three-year residency program, which is accredited by CAMPEP, provides strong competency in clinical medical physics along with clinically oriented research and development experience. The program's goal is to train highly competent medical physicists who will provide excellent patient care and will contribute as the next generation of leaders.

Applicants should have a recent PhD in medical physics, experimental physics, biophysics, or related discipline and have a demonstrated track record of experimental design and execution. Recognizing the importance of diverse backgrounds to the field, the program will accept applicants from both CAMPEP-accredited medical physics programs and from non-medical physics programs.

Training takes place under the direct mentorship of experienced clinical and research physics staff with support from others in the department and university. Two years of the residency are dedicated to clinical training and one year to clinically directed research and development.

Objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide the resident with the thorough experience necessary to work independently and provide quality patient care
  • Prepare the resident for ABR board certification

Physics Residency Statistics

Year (Start - Finish)# of Applicants# Offered# Entered# Graduated# Now Certified# Clinically Employed# In Industry# Academic Appointments
Pre-CAMPEP Accreditation
2003 - 2005NA1111101
2004 - 2006NA3333302
2005 - 2007NA1111101
2006 - 2008NA2222200
2009 - 2010NA1111100
Post-CAMPEP Accreditation
2010 - 2013351111101
2011 - 201447222


2012 - 2015510000000
2013 - 2016581110100
2014 - 2017651100000
2015 - 2017851100000
2016 - 2018821111101
2017 - 2019691110000
Cumulative 161614111307


Residency Program Director
Todd McNutt, Ph.D., DABR, FAAPM
Office: 410-614-4594; Email:

Oversight and Advisory Committee
John Wong, Ph.D., DABMP, FAAPM
Ana Kiess, M.D., Assistant Director of Radiation Oncology Residency

Other medical physicist educators:

Steve Bartolac, PhD, MCCPM
Gemma Davis, PhD, DABR
Kai Ding, PhD, DABR
Jimm Grimm, PhD, DABR
Ellen Huang, PhD, DABR
Sarah Han-Oh, PhD, DABR
Robert Hobbs, PhD, DABR
Junghoon Lee, PhD
Wolfram Laub, MBA, PhD
Marc Morcos, MS, MCCPM, DABR
Joseph Moore, PhD, DABR
Mohammad Rezaee, PhD, MCCPM
Lin Su, PhD, DABR
Terry Teslow, PhD, DABR
Ken Wang, PhD, DABR

For more information

Read the Physics Residency Handbook

The Medical Physics Residency Guide describes the program in detail.

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