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Skin Cancers, Including Melanoma

Radiation therapy may be used to treat aggressive forms of skin cancer. For example, radiation can target skin cancers that grow along the nerve endings in the face and may eventually reach the brain. For patients with aggressive melanoma, the spread patterns vary greatly and are difficult to predict. Melanoma is more commonly treated with systemic therapy (e.g., chemotherapy or immunotherapy) rather than radiation. When needed, radiation is most commonly used to treat melanomas in the head/neck and nearby lymph nodes. At Johns Hopkins, our radiation oncologists have the knowledge and experience needed to treat melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers with precision and safety.

Skin Cancers, Including Melanoma: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

  • Knowledge of skin cancer behavior: Our experienced physicians understand how nonmelanoma skin cancer spreads and the complex problems that often result. Plus, our physicians know how to treat them safely and effectively.
  • Targeted radiation techniques: For nonmelanoma skin cancers located in critical locations along the eyes and facial nerve endings, we have special radiation techniques to treat these sensitive areas without damaging the eyes or brain.
  • Integrated, personalized care: Our radiation oncologists work closely with skin cancer physicians, plastic surgeons and other specialists to create individualized treatment plans for patients.

Our Team of Skin Cancer and Melanoma Specialists

Our radiation oncologists develop and deliver personalized treatments plans that target skin cancers, including melanoma.

Our Skin Cancer and Melanoma Treatments

At Johns Hopkins, our radiation oncologists use the following types of radiation therapy to treat skin and melanoma cancers:

Our Research

Gloved hand injecting liquid sample into test tube

Researchers are exploring how radiation therapy helps improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy during melanoma treatment. 

Learn more about skin cancer and melanoma trials at Johns Hopkins.

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