Eakin Lab

About Dr. Eakin's Lab:

Dr. Eakin is interested in the implementation and evaluation of behavioral interventions to promote health behavior change in the community. She has studied behavioral interventions to support self-management in pediatric asthma and reducing secondhand smoke in partnership with Baltimore City Head Start. She is also an expert in qualitative research methods and measurement development. Her long-term goal is to develop, evaluate, and implement self-management interventions for respiratory diseases to improve outcome and reduce disparities. She is focused on developing tailored implementation strategies to overcome barriers to promote implementation of evidence based programs into community setting to improve health. She has experience in developing and evaluating behavioral interventions to promote adherence and preventive health behaviors. Dr. Eakin also has long-standing partnerships with Head Start programs and Baltimore City Health Department to design and implement community based interventions to address health disparities.

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Past & Current Projects