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BSi Timeline Milestones

Advancing Collaboration, Discovery and Translation

From its launch in 2007 to the present, the Johns Hopkins Medicine Brain Science Institute has upheld its mission, charting progress with novel discoveries, therapies and collaborations to support brain health and healing.

  1. 2007 (Milestone):

    • Launch of Brain Science Institute (BSi)
    • Technology Development and Commercialization Symposium
    • Pharma Alliances: Biogen, Eisai, Helsinn, Johnson and Johnson
  2. 2008 (Image):

    • First BSi Working Groups and Funding
      • Awarded $21 million in grants between 2008-2014
    • Learning, Arts and the Brain Summit
    • Launch of Brain Night Lecture Series
  3. 2009 (Milestone):

    • Creation of Center for Brain Imaging Science
    • Launch of Imaging Grant Program
    • Launch of BSi Cores
    • First Drug Discovery Bootcamp
  4. 2010 (Research):

    • Launch of Drug Discovery Initiative at Hopkins
      • 100 scientists/clinicians for novel drugs
      • 20 patents
      • 150 publications
      • $200 million federal grants
    • Science of the Arts Symposium
    • Beauty and the Brain Partnership with the Walters Museum
    • Packard Global Annual Meeting
  5. 2011 (Research):

    • Launch of Neurodegeneration Program
      • $645 million in philanthropy
      • 2 patents
      • 100 publications
      • Developed faculty base
      • Discovery of major gene for ALS and Dementia
    • Science of the Arts Grants Funding
      • Awarded initial grant for creativity research led by Charles Limb, MD
      • Funded five seminal arts research proposals
  6. 2012 (Research):

    • Creation of Neurocognition Program
    • Neurocognition Faculty Hire: Daniel O’Connor, MA, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
      • 14 publications
      • $4.2 million extramural funding
    • SIN Grant Funding for Innovative Bridge Research Funding
    • First Graduate Drug Discovery Course
  7. 2013 (Milestone):

    • Launch of BSi Brain Talk Radio Show and Podcasts
    • Launch of First New Gene Therapy for Dementia and ALS
  8. 2014 (Research):

    • Neurocognition Faculty Hire: Gul Dolen, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
      • 12 publications
      • $4.1 million extramural funding
      • Patent pending
      • Clinical trials
    • Neurocognition Faculty Hire: Jeremiah Cohen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
      • 10 publications
      • $3.1 million in extramural funding
    • High Throughput Drug Screening Collaboration – Eisai
  9. 2015 (Milestone):

    • Launch of Answer ALS - Personalized Medicine for ALS
      • $42 million nationwide program
  10. 2016 (Milestone):

    • Launch of the International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM Lab)
    • Neurodegeneration Faculty Hire: Shuying Sun, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathology
    • Partnership with Team Gleason, Travelers Insurance
  11. 2017 (Research):

    • Academic Drug Discovery Consortium Symposium
    • Development of National Drug Translational Training Program with NIH
    • IAM Lab Development of Impact Thinking Model
    • New Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Drug Company
      • Dracen Pharma - $41 million external investment
  12. 2018 (Milestone):

    • First Clinical Trial for Gene Therapy for ALS Dementia
    • Neurodegeneration Big Data Initiative
      • IBM Watson and Microsoft partnership
      • Caterpillar and American Airline partnerships
      • $150 million in grants
      • 2 patents
      • 100+ publications
    • New Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Drug Companies
      • Lorem Pharma - $1 million investment
      • Adarga - $1 million investment
  13. 2019 (Research):

    • Neurodegeneration Expansion to Alzheimer’s Disease
      • Launched Answer AD - personalized stem cell tools for Alzheimer's
      • New faculty hires: Lindsey Hayes MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology; Matthew Elrick MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
    • Launch of IAM Lab Dialog Series
    • IAM Lab Launch of NeuroArts Blueprint with the Aspen Institute
  14. 2020 (Milestone):

    • IAM Lab Launch of COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide
    • IAM Lab Launch of the Arts for Health Equity and Social Justice Series
    • Neurodegeneration Faculty Hire: Sarah Berth MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
    • Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Hire: Jack Wei, PhD, Director, Biochemistry and Assay Development
    • Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Celebrates First Decade
      • 160+ publications
      • 9 different drug discovery programs
      • 19 pharmaceutical partnerships
      • 15 disease foundation partnerships
      • Government funding from 14 different US agencies

    2020 (Milestone):

    Naming of BSi to the Johns Hopkins Pedersen Brain Science Institute.

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