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James Campbell, MD

Jim CampbellProfessor of Neurosurgery

Dr. Campbell will join the Johns Hopkins Blaustein Pain Treamtent Center at the end of January, 2009

Dr. James Campell received his medical degree from Yale University in 1973. At that time he came to Johns Hopkins for residency training in Neurosurgery. Upon completing his training, Dr. Campbell joined the full time faculty of the Department of Neurosurgery and quickly rose to the rank of Professor.

Dr. Campbell's research concerns the neurobiology of pain and his work has led to many patents and over one hundred peer reviewed publications. He is currently investigating the mechanisms of neuropathic pain, and PET imaging of the brain's opioid receptors. His research efforts have been funded by the NIH continuously since 1979.

Dr. Campbell sits on the Board of Directors of several biotechnology companies, and he is founder and Chairman of the Board of the nonprofit organization, The American Pain Foundation.

Dr. Campbell sees selected patients with spine, peripheral nerve, and chronic pain.

American Board of Neurological Surgery