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Instructions for All Procedure Patients

Preparing for a Procedure

Food/Drink Restrictions:

  1. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight if your procedure is scheduled between 7am and noon.

  2. Nothing to eat or drink after 7:00 AM if your procedure is scheduled between noon and 4pm.

  3. NOTHING (including gum, candy…) 2 hours before the time you are told to arrive in the clinic.

  4. If you have diabetes, gastric reflux, hiatal hernia, or any disease of your stomach, DO NOT drink any liquids for 6 hours before you are told to arrive at the clinic.

Medication Restrictions:

  1. At any time before the procedure, you should take your usual medications with a small sip of water unless specifically asked not to do so by the Pain Clinic staff.

  2. Please contact us two weeks before your appointment if you are diabetic or if you are taking any type of blood thinners, including (but not limited to), plavix, coumadin, lovenox, heparin

  3. Do not take any pain medication the day of your procedure unless you have been told otherwise by your pain physician.  (Some procedures require you to have pain in order to determine effectiveness).

Arrival Time for Appointment:

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled procedure time.  Please bring your insurance card, orange hospital plate and picture identification.  If you are late, your procedure may be canceled.


You may not drive the day of the procedure.  You must have an escort to drive you home.  (Taxi is an acceptable form of transportation, but you still must have an escort with you.)


If you are not experiencing your usual pain on the day of your procedure, please contact us because the procedure may need to be postponed depending on the type of procedure you are having.