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Jaw-Related Treatments

Jaw-related conditions can include jaw infections, jaw trauma and osteonecrosis. Our team of dentists treats all jaw-related conditions in a systematic method, calling on other specialists with expertise in reconstruction and medical treatment.

Jaw-related Treatment Management

First, our dentists fully assess the jaw condition. Possible testing includes X-rays, CT scans and blood studies. Treatment management for the different jaw-related conditions includes:

  • Jaw trauma
    Our dentists will perform a careful history, assess symptoms and decide on appropriate treatments. Often, our dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon.
  • Jaw deformities
    Our dentists will approach jaw deformities with a multidisciplinary approach, meaning many specialists will discuss the case, including oral and reconstructive surgeons, otolaryngologists and facial plastic surgeons.
  • Jaw bone infections
    Our dentists will assess the infection with imaging studies and sometimes blood studies. Treatment typically includes antibiotics and possible surgery to remove the infection.
  • Osteonecrosis
    This jaw conditions occurs after radiation treatment. The bone won’t heal correctly, and different treatment methods need to be considered. We recommend all patients who need radiation treatment to have dental screenings before treatment to determine if they are at risk for osteonecrosis. Learn more about dental oncology.