Treatments and Procedures: Cheek Implant

As we age, our cheeks may lose volume. Augmentation of the cheek area with cheek implants can give the face more youthful contours by restoring fullness.

Cheek implants can also restore symmetry to the face following reconstructive surgery for traumatic injury, or for cancer or other illness.  

Cheek Implants: Why Choose Johns Hopkins Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?

  • Our team is dedicated to helping people feel healthy and confident in their appearance.
  • Patients can trust our approach, which takes into account their goals, age, general health, skin type, and ethnicity.
  • The team has a range of highly specialized skills and experience in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. 

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Cheek Implant: What to Expect

Our experts will ensure your comfort during the procedure by providing anesthesia. Your surgeon will insert the soft, removable silicone cheek implant(s) through an incision inside the mouth or lower eyelid, leaving little to no visible scar.

Your surgeon may recommend dermal fillers [link to dermal fillers page] instead of, or in addition to, cheek implants to provide symmetry to the face.

After the Procedure

The surgeon will place dressings on the surgical area of your face immediately after the procedure, and provide you with care instructions, which may include:

  • Elevating the head to reduce swelling
  • Applying cold compress
  • Taking prescribed pain medication

Most people feel a tight sensation in the cheeks after surgery that will subside after one to two weeks when your skin has adjusted to the implant.

Our Physicians

Our doctors are board certified in both otolaryngology–head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, which gives our team a unique and comprehensive level of expertise.

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