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Orthopaedic Surgery

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dr. ain with patient after halo removal

Halo Removal — A Wonderful Day!

It will only take a few moments and couple of deep breaths and then it’s over! Typically patients are awake during the removal.

This may be accomplished in the clinic and will include two people.

First the nuts are loosened on the vest and the uprights and then removed.

The nuts on the halo ring are then loosened. A screwdriver is used to loosen the pins while someone is holding the ring.

All the pins are loosened, and then the ring is lifted from the head.

Remember that haircut? The removal of the halo can be complicated by long hair!

There will be some small open areas from the pins. Sometimes there will be a small amount of bloody fluid from these areas. Initially, bandages may be placed on them.

All the pin sites will scab over within 24 to 48 hours. Caring for these pin site openings is easy because you no longer need to do pin site care.

Your surgeon will determine which type of collar will be used after the halo. With a collar, as with the halo, checking for skin breakdown should remain part of the daily routine.

The collar should NOT rub, burn or hurt.

Scars will remain but should fade considerably.

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