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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Short-statured ambulation can be difficult. Some patients may need a walker, or may not be able to ambulate. Some patients who were previously able to ambulate may not be able to with a halo due to its weight.

Pain medication may also affect balance and physical strength.

Comfort levels will increase with changing positions from lying to standing and walking.

If your patient is able, walking around the house should become part of the daily routine during the postoperative period, if allowed by your doctor. Safety is paramount to prevent falls and slips. Take extra time going up and down stairs and navigating uneven ground.

Any obstacles around the house should be avoided.

It is a good idea to take your time and move at a normal pace. Any movement that causes pain or uneasiness should be avoided.

Avoid bending forward to grab objects, such as items that have fallen to the floor. It is helpful to have an adaptive device to help reach and pick things up.


Precautions and activities may change based on healing and length of time in the halo. Here are some safe and creative ideas for children:

  • Filling a large plastic box with dried beans and cups and spoons(no sandboxes)
  • Painting, drawing, coloring
  • Fingernail painting

If you find your child has more energy at a certain time of day, focus on using these moments to their fullest.

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