A Fruitful Collaboration

Akrit Sodhi and Nobel Laureate Gregg Semenza collaborate to study how inhibiting hypoxia-inducible factors could lead to treatments for cancer and eye diseases.

Akrit Sodhi, Gregg Semenza, and Silvia Montaner at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm following the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Lectures.

Articles in this Issue

  • Covid-19 Research Roundup

    As the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the world in spring 2020, Wilmer researchers sprang into action to learn more about a myriad of topics relevant to patients - from drug development to public health to ophthalmic care-seeking behaviors.

  • Equipped to Tackle Complexity

    The Weselins support Pradeep Ramulu’s ongoing work to teach the next generation of glaucoma surgeons the skills to save sight.

    Pradeep Ramulu
  • Mentor to Many

    Wilmer’s Earl D.R. Kidwell, Jr., M.D., Professorship honors the man who has taught hundreds of residents the art of cataract and oculoplastic surgery.

    Earl D.R. Kidwell Jr.
  • 'Not Satisfied with the Status Quo'

    Albert Jun is using a gene editing technique known as CRISPR to understand and someday hopefully cure granular corneal dystrophy.

    Albert Jun in an operating room of the Maurice Bendann Surgical Pavilion.
  • Reopening: Guided by Evidence-Based Protocols

    As Wilmer reopened in June, evidence-based safety protocols guided the implementation of best practices for patient and employee safety.

    Lynne Young
  • Students Inspired to Save Sight

    As a student at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Thomas Johnson III launched the Student Sight Savers program. Now, he is its faculty adviser.

    Dr. Thomas Johnson stands in his research lab
  • The Fog is Lifted

    Edward St. John underwent a challenging cataract surgery by Ashley Behrens that resulted in "optically impossible" positive results.

    Edward St. John
  • The Highest Plane

    Building on a long legacy of excellence, Wilmer’s Residency Program continues to prepare today’s trainees to be tomorrow’s leaders in ophthalmology.

    The class of the Wilmer Eye Institute residents who completed their training in June 2020.
  • Passing the Scalpel in Strabismus

    David Guyton has begun the task of handing the scalpel to a new generation of strabismus specialists such as Edward Kuwera.

    Edward Kuwera
  • Giving Children a Chance for Sight

    Edward Kuwera helped two-year-old Cecilia Joseph recover vision by prescribing patching therapy and glasses.

    Cecilia Joseph
  • Maximizing Care, Minimizing Risk

    Like his colleagues across Wilmer, Neil Bressler is using an individualized approach to determine if — and when — his patients should come in to be seen.

    During the age of COVID-19, an eye examination requires new protocols, such as wearing masks, for the patient and the provider.
  • The Wilmer Way: Professional, Knowledgeable and Kind

    Beth Glassman discusses her experience at Wilmer, Bethesda during the COVID19 pandemic.

    Dr. Mona Kaleem examines a patient's eyes in the Wilmer glaucoma clinic.