Toward Earlier Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy

Most research on diabetic retinopathy has focused on treating leaky blood vessels in the retina. Mira Sachdeva is looking to intervene before the blood vessels are even damaged.

Mira Sachdeva

Articles in this Issue

  • A Testament to Teamwork

    The deterioration of John Feldmann’s eyesight began at age 45. Thanks to the efforts of doctors across Wilmer, at 71 Feldmann is reading, driving and enjoying life.

  • A ‘Forever Contribution’

    Dr. Peter Gehlbach has dedicated the last 12 years of his professional life to developing robotic approaches to retinal surgery. A recently endowed professorship promises to keep the momentum going.

    Peter Gehlbach and engineers in the lab
  • ‘I Love to Teach’

    As an oculoplastic surgeon, Nick Mahoney is known for applying technology to advance his subspecialty, but his facility for teaching is also gaining recognition.

    Nick Mahoney outside of The Johns Hopkins Hospital's dome.
  • Mutating Cells and Their Path of Destruction

    Müller cells were once thought to play only a supportive role in the eye, but new research suggests they play a part in many eye diseases.

    Malia Edwards observes an image on the computer screen
  • Parsing Proteins and Closing Holes

    Imagine reading the word ‘T-H-E’ one letter at a time. For patients with macular holes, the ‘T’ will be distorted or missing. Sharon Solomon is researching a non-surgical solution.

    Sharon Solomon
  • COVID-19 Research Roundup

    When the pandemic hit, many Wilmer researchers pivoted their focus to study important COVID-related questions.

    covid-19 image
  • Visionary Philanthropy for Rare Inherited Conditions

    At Wilmer’s Genetic Eye Disease Center, Dr. Mandeep Singh and fellow Kanza Aziz are working to improve knowledge of extremely rare genetic eye diseases.

    Mandeep Singh
  • COVID-19: Lessons Learned in the Clinic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has required quick thinking and effective solutions to keep Wilmer patients and staff members safe during clinic visits.

    A patient exam at the Wilmer Eye Institute during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Sharing the Magic

    Some people have dry eye so severe they can’t open their eyes from the pain. A little-known device has the power to change that.

    a scleral lens