Annual Report 2018

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The Dana Center

Taking a public health approach to fighting preventable eye diseases, the Dana Center for Preventive Ophthalmology continues to lead the way in research and training.


Articles in this Issue

  • Strength in Numbers

    Research efforts towards pediatric eye care receive a boost from a new fund helping to launch pilot projects.

  • Beyond Injections

    Wilmer doctors are on the trail of the holy grail of drug delivery - eye drops for retinal conditions

  • A Spirit of Unity

    Inspired by successful treatments for Fuchs' dystrophy at Wilmer, David and Cynthia Tolsma are helping to fund advancements in the treatment of an unrelated condition - Ebola.

  • Handa Takes the Reins

    With a sharp eye for surgical treatments, the new chief of Wilmer's retina division, James Handa, aims to shine new light on its wide range of specialties.

  • It's Called the Wilmer Way

    Commitment to compassionate service is evident in the way patients are personally shepherded through even the most basic visit. There’s a name for this process: It’s called the “Wilmer Way.”

  • Providing Solutions for Low Vision

    Using a multitude of personalized solutions, the faculty of the Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center provide support to patients beyond traditional treatments.

  • An Award for Patient Care Excellence

    A newly endowed award recognizes Wilmer residents who provide exceptional patient care.