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News for Physicians from the Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Winter 2019 Restore

Rehabilitation Throughout the Cancer Journey

Johns Hopkins rehabilitation experts are developing an assessment to identify changes in the physical or cognitive function of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Winter 2019 Restore

Growing Demand Spurs New Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics

The Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network continues to grow across the Baltimore and Washington regions, with annual volumes of 100,000 patients or more anticipated.

Winter 2019 Restore

Faculty and Residents Develop Software to Enhance Interaction, Facilitate Precision Education

The software provides a place for residents to ask questions—and physicians to answer—at anytime from anywhere using a desktop or mobile device.

Winter 2019 Restore

Director’s Column: Winter 2019

The Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network continues to push the boundaries of medical education, research and patient care