Spring 2018 Pediatrician

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A New Center for Children with Complex Cranial Conditions

At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, a multidisciplinary one-stop clinic treats patients with conditions such as cranial defects from traumatic brain injury, cranial deformities and skull lesions.

Pediatric Cranial Reconstruction Center

Articles in this Issue

  • Stem Cell Heart Therapy

    Pediatric cardiac surgeons perform first intraoperative stem cell procedure at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for an infant with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

    Drs. Vricella and Hibino
  • Treating Arrhythmias Without Radiation

    Employing a 3-D anatomic mapping system, Johns Hopkins pediatric cardiologists are reducing and, in some cases, eliminating the risk of radiation exposure for children with irregular heartbeats.

  • Pediatric Stroke: When tPA Is the Best Choice

    The time of onset of symptoms is critical in recommending clot-buster therapy that may dramatically improve outcomes for children with ischemic stroke.

  • Safe, Comprehensive Transgender Health Care

    Adolescent medicine specialists Renata Sanders and Errol Fields see teenage and young adult patients at the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health.

  • Giving Transplant Patients Digital Wings

    Pediatric liver specialist reaches out to experts in various fields to find technological solutions for non-adherence to life-saving medications among adolescent organ transplant recipients.

    Dr. Doug Mogul