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Patriot Life - Great News for USFHP Members!

Fall 2016
Issue No. 9

Great News for USFHP Members!

Date: November 1, 2016

lower co-pays

EFFECTIVE OCT. 3, 2016, Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan members will see lower co-pays and improved coverage for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.

The changes, in compliance with new Defense Health Agency rules, are designed to improve access by reducing out-of-pocket costs and ending quantitative limits on services. For example, outpatient psychotherapy, which formerly was limited to 60 days for coverage, now has no limit*. Other services that no longer have quantitative limits include:

  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Substance use disorder rehabilitation facility
  • Outpatient psychotherapy
  • Psychological testing
  • Family therapy
  • Smoking cessation quit attempts

In addition, copays for behavioral health and substance abuse services have been reduced as follows: 

  Prior to 10/3/16  On and after 10/3/2016
Individual Outpatient Psychotherapy $25 $12 / visit 
Group Therapy $17 $12 / visit
Inpatient Mental Health $40 / day $11 / day
Partial Hospitalization $40 / day $12 / visit

* All other preauthorization requirements remain unchanged for this and other treatments listed.