Stimulating Communication in Aphasia Patients

To help patients with the persistent and sometimes permanent language problems caused by aphasia, neurologist Argye Hillis leads a study to investigate transcranial direct-current stimulation.


Articles in this Issue

  • The Spine Program’s New Director

    Spinal surgeon and researcher Nicholas Theodore assumes the role of director of Johns Hopkins Neurosurgical Spine Program.

  • A New Way into the Brain

    Sparing patients open craniotomies, neurosurgeon Kaisorn Chaichana uses the minimally invasive tubular retractor to reach deep-seated lesions within the brain.

  • Studying Sleep Drive in Flies

    Neurologist Mark Wu and his research team search for sleep-regulating cells in more than 500 Drosophila strains. The goal: to understand how to treat patients with overactive sleep drives.