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Johns Hopkins Medicine Suburban - Identifying Your Caregivers with Ease

New Directions Summer 2012

Identifying Your Caregivers with Ease

Date: June 1, 2012

Identifying Your Caregivers with Ease
From left to right: Chona Umali Nurse, Ruth Teferi Housekeeping, Derek Herford Respiratory, Carla DeSimone Radiology, Deb Chase Speech & Language, Jean Edmond Patient Care Tech and David Childs Unit Secretary

Suburban Hospital relies on our ##1 customers — our patients — to tell us about their experiences here — and we welcome all feedback. If you have been a patient, you know that many people are responsible for your care in the hospital.  There are doctors, nurses, patient care techs, radiology and respiratory technologists, physical therapists, housekeeping and more.

When it comes to direct patient care, nurses get to know our patients on a level few other staff have the opportunity to. So when we continued to hear from patients and family members that it was difficult to identify people and their roles as they came in and out of the room through their hospital stay, our nurses decided to do something to help. They launched a hospital-wide initiative to standardize scrub colors to make it easier for patients and family members to identify staff. Departments got to vote on the scrub color they would adopt to represent them.

It worked! We now hear positive comments about the ease with which patients and family members can identify hospital staff. This is just one more way nurses make a difference at Suburban Hospital!