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Johns Hopkins Medicine Suburban - Focus on Philanthropy: Heart Program Support Strengthens Care, Outreach

New Directions Spring 2013

Focus on Philanthropy: Heart Program Support Strengthens Care, Outreach

Date: May 1, 2013

John M. McMahon supporting the NIH Heart Center at Suburban
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Successful businessman and former patient John M. McMahon is proud to support the NIH Heart Center at Suburban Hospital. His generous gift honors the skill and dedication of the clinical staff, especially cardiac surgeon Dr. Keith Horvath.

Over the past year, generous financial support from grateful patients like John McMahon, chair of Bethesda-based Miller & Long Construction, has fueled Suburban Hospital’s vision to develop the region’s leading cardiac care program and helped to ensure the best clinical care outcomes for thousands of patients.

Designed to recognize and honor cardiac surgeon Dr. Keith Horvath, Mr. McMahon’s $2.5M charitable gift is already enabling the acquisition of new cardiac technology, enhancing clinical programmatic developments, and supporting research, education and training initiatives for clinical staff.

Likewise, a recent $30,000 grant from the Wolpoff Family Foundation will soon allow Suburban Hospital to enhance its successful HeartWell program—a community-based, outreach initiative that has been supporting at-risk residents with cardiovascular disease for more than 14 years. The new funding will enable the launch of an interactive health education series called “Reduce Your Risk.” In addition to increasing participants’ knowledge of modifiable risk factors, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, smoking, inactivity and stress management, the program will support lasting lifestyle change through group-based education, support and follow-up.

To Learn?more | For more information about the importance of philanthropic support, please contact the Suburban Hospital Foundation Office at 301-896-3971 or visit our website at Way to Give.