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Johns Hopkins Health - Break Proof Your Bones

Winter 2016
Issue No. 31

Break Proof Your Bones

Date: February 2, 2016


Our skeletons need a little more TLC with each passing birthday to safeguard against osteoporosis and fractures. Deborah Sellmeyer, M.D., director of the Metabolic Bone Center, debunks four common bone health myths.

Myth: Vitamin D and calcium are the only key bone nutrients.
Truth: Many other nutrients also have protective effects. Potassium, for one, counteracts the acid levels in our bodies that eat away at bone. Find it in squash, beans and tomatoes.
Myth: You must lift weights to build strong bones.
Truth: What you need are weight-bearing exercises. Walking for just 30 minutes per day increases bone density.
Myth: Falls and fractures are a normal part of aging.
Truth: “Absolutely not!” says Sellmeyer. Nutrition, exercise and, if appropriate, medications can reduce one’s fracture risk by as much as 65 percent.
Myth: You can get enough vitamin D from the sun.
Truth: Supplements are a safer bet for avoiding skin damage—600 IU daily up to age 50 and 800 IU over age 50.

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