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Johns Hopkins Health - Change of (Diet) Plans

Winter 2015
Issue No. 27

Change of (Diet) Plans

Date: January 6, 2015

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Browse the diet section of any bookstore, and you’ll see all kinds of plans. Some call for cutting grains, or eliminating meat, or eating only what was available to our Paleolithic ancestors. Christie Williams, a dietitian at Johns Hopkins, believes you will have more success, and be happier, if you skip the dietary panaceas. Instead, focus on eating a variety of healthful foods and limit consumption of sugars, processed foods, sodium, alcohol, trans fats and saturated fats.

Williams touts this “total diet approach” as a realistic technique in our era of busyness and convenience. She urges people to plan meals and learn to shop for and cook recipes that use natural ingredients. Once people start to eat healthfully, she says, they will get back in touch with what really tastes good.

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