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Johns Hopkins Health - Winter 2011

Winter 2011


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Health Insights

  • asian girl blowing her nose
    Although you don’t want to see your children suffer during a bout of cold or flu, be careful how you provide  symptom relief, particularly if you use   over-the-counter, or OTC, medications without a doctor’s direction.
  • sibley hospital
    Johns Hopkins Medicine recently welcomed Sibley Memorial Hospital as a new member of the Johns Hopkins Health System.
  • CPR on a dummy
    People who hesitate to perform CPR because they don’t know the correct ratio of reviving breaths to chest compressions or because they are uncomfortable with mouth-to-mouth contact—well, they can breathe easy.
  • If you’re middle-aged or older and have significant trouble with dry eyes, you might be suffering from Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that affects 4 million Americans, 90 percent of them women.
  • man and woman carrying sled in snow
    Before you head outdoors to shovel the sidewalk or ski cross-country, make sure you plan ahead. Sameer Dixit, M.D., a sports medicine specialist and an assistant professor in orthopedic surgery and medicine at Johns Hopkins, says people often forget to prepare for dropping temperatures, wind and precipitation, as well as how these factors affect their comfort and health when they’re active in cold weather.

Quick Consult

  • two boys skipping stones at a lake
    End your kidney stone misery with these hard facts from Brian Matlaga, M.D., director of stone disease at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute


  • baby
    Getting cochlear implants early helps children catch up in language skill development


  • cartoon man on bike
    Johns Hopkins Experts Tackle the Tragedy Of Sudden Cardiac Death

First Person

  • woman in red sweater
    Frightened by the prospect of major surgery, Kathleen O’Brien Thompson found an alternative solution for removing her pancreatic tumor

Second Opinion

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