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Johns Hopkins Health - Spring 2012

Spring 2012


Johns Hopkins Health Spring 2012

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Health Insights

  • Heart Failure Care Checklist
    Heart failure—also known as congestive heart failure, or CHF—is a chronic but manageable condition that affects nearly 6 million Americans.
  • Test Your Cholesterol Knowledge
    Health fairs are convenient places for quick checks such as cholesterol tests. Although pinprick cholesterol tests are fine for broad screenings to evaluate your heart health, they don’t tell the whole story.
  • Food Allergy Advice to Chew On
    Just because you weren’t allergic to certain foods as a child doesn’t mean you can’t develop allergies as an adult.
  • Sign Up for Health Information
    Get the latest news on health and wellness topics important to you and your family, all from the experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • Should I Have a PSA Test?
    There are no symptoms of prostate cancer when it is confined to the prostate and curable.

Quick Consult

  • Little Kids, Big Injuries
    Children who are involved in assorted sports are engaging in regular, healthy physical activity. Just be wary of your kids taking on too much.


Cover Story

  • Caring by Design
    The new Johns Hopkins building gets the Monet treatment, using the master’s palette for innovations in light, color and nature to create a calming, healing environment for patients

Second Opinion

  • It's Not Too Late
    You have options for breast reconstruction, even years after a mastectomy

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