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Johns Hopkins Health - Surgical Solution

Winter 2010
Issue No. 7

Surgical Solution

Date: January 24, 2010

When medications couldn’t help her back pain any longer, Felice Dorman turned to spine surgery

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What began as a fun trip to the amusement park five years ago ended in years of pain—then I became dependent on prescription medications.

I got whiplash during a roller-coaster ride. Later I noticed I was having arm and neck pain that wouldn’t go away. My doctor sent me to have an MRI, and we discovered a herniated disc in my cervical spine. He recommended conservative treatment. I started with pain management, trying nerve blockers and injections, all the while taking prescribed drugs to help with the pain. Nothing seemed to work, and I became physically dependent on the drugs, even getting sick if I didn’t have them. Even so, the drugs weren’t really helping. I’m a nurse; I knew this wouldn’t end well.

I finally came to Johns Hopkins, where I talked with neurosurgeon Ziya Gokaslan, M.D. He found that I had degenerative disc disease and recommended surgery. I tried three more months of conservative treatment. After that, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I had the surgery—a cervical disc replacement that included a bone graft—and it was a gift. My recovery was amazing, and I was up and walking around the next day. Today, I’m back to full duty as an R.N. with no limitations. I can do anything, but I think I’ll skip the roller-coaster ride the next time I’m at an amusement park.

Mind | With her successful surgery behind her, Felice Dorman reduces the likelihood of depression from her chronic pain or side effects of medications.

Heart | Limited movement of the neck and spine can impact your activity and exercise, which can also affect your heart health.

Joints | Neck pain is caused by muscle, nerve and ligament problems, as well as the bones and joints of the spine. Successful treatment decreases the risk for problems in other joints.

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