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Johns Hopkins Health - Spring 2010

Spring 2010


spring 2010 cover fruits and vegetables

Articles in this Issue

Health Insights

  • Men with lower cholesterol are less likely than those with higher levels to develop an aggressive form of high-grade prostate cancer, according to a recent Johns Hopkins collaborative study.
  • migraine
    Migraine headaches are painful and often debilitating—and are associated with more than twice the risk of the most common stroke, according to a Johns Hopkins study last year.
  • petry dish
    If you’ve seen the ads for stem cell treatments offered abroad for conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to stroke, you’re not alone.
  • family on airplane
    Whether you’re vacationing, planning to study abroad, conducting business, volunteering or adopting, international travel means special health considerations.

Quick Consult

  • nose
    Chronic sinusitis is more than sniffles and stuffiness. For adults and kids, it can be a major headache

Feature Story

  • two people
    More young people today are facing head and neck cancer diagnoses. The reason may surprise you

Cover Story

  • fruits and vegetables
    Doctor’s orders: Getting good nutrition can make you feel better and help you dodge disease

First Person

  • woman
    Marisa Eickenhorst was shocked by a brain tumor diagnosis but refused to let it bring her down

Second Opinion

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