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Johns Hopkins Health - When Gastric Bypass Fails

Fall 2008
Issue No. 2

When Gastric Bypass Fails

Date: September 24, 2008


Until recently, another surgery was considered the best option for gastric bypass patients who either had not lost enough weight or had started to gain it back. But a new outpatient procedure offers an alternative that’s effective and doesn’t require any cutting.

Johns Hopkins was among the first hospitals to introduce StomaphyX, an endoscopic—or through the mouth—device that tightens up the stomach pouch to reduce its size.

“About 15 percent of gastric bypass patients gain back their weight or don’t lose enough of it,” says bariatric surgeon Michael Schweitzer, M.D. “StomaphyX removes the trauma of an additional surgery and leaves no scars.”

Visit Johns Hopkins Bayview Bariatrics or call 877-546-1872 for more information.