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Tapping Innovative Solutions and Technology at Johns Hopkins Medicine
September 2015

Collaboration Creates Composite to Fill Surgical Cavities

Johns Hopkins plastic surgeons and biomedical engineers have invented a composite material that supports a surgical cavity while encouraging new tissue growth within it.

September 2015

Eye-Tracking Device Helps Accurately Identify Stroke

To differentiate stroke from other conditions that cause dizziness, neurologist David Newman-Toker devised a technique that looks for minute differences in eye movements.

September 2015

Social Media Command Center Monitors and Protects

The Johns Hopkins Medicine social media team tracks, responds to and makes sense of 480,000 brand mentions, 583,573 followers on Facebook and Twitter, and more than 1,500 questions each year—an enormous task.

September 2015

Organs-on-Chips, Virtual Reality Headsets and a Drug Shortages App

Virtual reality headsets allow neurosurgeons to go inside their patients’ brains to practice maneuvers.

September 2015

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