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Tapping Innovative Solutions and Technology at Johns Hopkins Medicine
March/April 2017

CORUS Messaging Tool Replaces PING to Enhance Communication

The new tool enables written, text-based conversations between individuals and among groups at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

March/April 2017

MRI System Improves Outcomes of Bladder Surgery on Children

Johns Hopkins pediatric urologists are using technology similar to GPS software to improve the outcome of bladder exstrophy surgery, which involves reconstructing bladders of children born with the organ outside of their bodies.

March/April 2017

Antibiotic Coating Prevents Orthopaedic Joint Infections in Animals

Johns Hopkins researchers have designed a thin, biodegradable plastic coating for metal implants that can release multiple antibiotics to diminish the chance of infections.

March/April 2017

Making Tasks Easier

From a service that helps patients find worthwhile digital health tools to an airway procedures gaming app that lets clinicians earn continuing medical education credits, this month’s Tech Envy is about tools to make life easier.