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Pulse Fall 2019

Chief's Corner

The Director of the Department of Medicine talks about the latest developments across the department.

Pulse Fall 2019

Professorship Honors 26 Years of Care

When Christian and Marilyn Poindexter decided to endow a professorship, Hugh Calkins was their first choice as its recipient.

Pulse Fall 2019

Giving from the Heart: Meet Bobby Basil

Basil serves on the Johns Hopkins Cardiovascular Advisory Board and recently gave his first monetary gift to the advisory board’s Discovery and Education Fund.

Pulse Fall 2019

Snapshots of Support: Fall 2019

Photos include donors to myocarditis research, a behind-the scenes experience for donors and dinner celebrating a new fund.

Pulse Fall 2019

Coordinated Care Improves Odds for Patients with Advanced Heart Failure

Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons work in tandem with other specialists to help keep patients with advanced heart failure at the top of their game.