Spring/Summer 2024

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Many immigrant families who seek refuge in Baltimore's communities have experienced deep trauma and face daunting obstacles in obtaining essential health services. Specialists at Johns Hopkins are leading efforts to make sure these families get the help they need.

An illustration of a Latinx Family sitting together.

Articles in this Issue

  • ‘I Need to Build a Hospital’

    Though his medical training and career have cast him far from his birthplace, Kofi Boahene has always felt an imperative to improve medical care back home.

    Boahene stands in front of the new hospital building. His arms at his side like a superhero.
  • Super Searchers

    Katie Lobner and her fellow informationists search for — and find — the tiniest needles in the mightiest haystacks of scientific and medical knowledge.

    Katie Lobner on a digital, glitchy, collage style background.
  • Dismantling the Resistance

    Lifesaving when you need them, antibiotics are not benign, and their overuse can have deadly consequences, note Johns Hopkins researchers, who are “selling stewardship” here and across the country.

    A woman wearing a white uniform and a red hard hat jackhammers a cracked, giant pill.
  • Zeitgeist of the Times

    During its short run in the 1970’s, the School of Health Services blazed a new path in preparing a “radically different” crop of health care practitioners.

    An undated photo from the 70s captures students and teachers in the health associates program.


  • Letters

    Many of the modern initiatives we’ve proudly covered date back to the 1970s and the Johns Hopkins University School of Health Sciences.

    Sue DePasquale
  • Comic Relief

    Graphic artist Nathan Gray on the power of comics in palliative care

    An illustrated self portrait of GRAPHIC ARTIST NATHAN GRAY
  • Philanthropy

    Funding raised through families’ sports communities has proved pivotal for Johns Hopkins researchers.

    A team of female hockey players stand together.
  • Post-Op

    We’ve followed the call to improve health around the globe.

    The Billings building on a world map background