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Halsted's Hands - Incoming Halsted Residents

Halsted's Hands Spring 2012

Incoming Halsted Residents

Date: May 30, 2012

These students matched to begin the Halsted surgical training program in July 2012.

Rizwan Ahmed
King Edward Medical College, Preliminary

Eyas Alkhalili
University of Jordan, Preliminary

Chady Atallah
University Saint-Joseph, Preliminary

Rebecca Craig-Schapiro
Washington University in St. Louis, Categorical

Sandra DiBrito
Boston University, Categorical

Jeffrey Douaiher
American University of Beirut, Preliminary

Mostafa El Dafrawy
University of Cairo, Preliminary

Naeem Goussous
University of Jordan, Preliminary

Caitlin Hicks
Case Western Reserve, Categorical

Max Kates
Mount Sinai, Urology

Ioannis Kontopidis
University of Athens, Preliminary

Jonathan Magruder
Johns Hopkins, Categorical

Laura Martin
Medical University of South Carolina, Categorical

Ali Mejaddam
Karolinska Institute, Preliminary

Ibrahim Nassour
American University of Beirut, Preliminary

Ouseph Padickakudi
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Preliminary

Katherine Poruk
University of Utah, Categorical

Nikolai Sopko
Case Western Reserve, Urology

Jeffrey Tosoian
Johns Hopkins, Urology

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