Fundamentals November 2022

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Latest Research Findings from the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences.

Q&A — One Year As Department Director, Decades As Leading Cancer Metastasis Researcher

Cell biologist Andrew Ewald is known for his discoveries in how breast cancer cells spread through the body at the cellular level. With a year as department director under his belt, we spoke with Ewald about his first year and the future of cancer metastasis research.

Andy Ewald and Ted Deweese holding a commemorative plaque at the Virginia DeAcetis Professorship dedication

Articles in this Issue

  • Image of the Month: The Deadliest Cancer

    Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest major cancer type, but Johns Hopkins Medicine biomedical engineers discovered a way to predict how likely a patient with pancreatic cancer will respond to treatment and survive.

    Fluorescent image of immune cells clustered around pancreatic cancer cells