Fundamentals June 2021

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Latest Research Findings from the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences.

2021 Science Writers' Boot Camp - The Science of Diversity

Take a look at the dynamic presentations from this year's Science Writers' Boot Camp!

The image shows the illustrated outline of the profiles of a man with dark tan skin, black hair and a black mustache, a woman with light tan skin, gray hair and red lips and a women with tannish-yellow skin and black hair with bangs (from left to right). These outlines are against a grayish-green background with a pattern of small white molecules.

Articles in this Issue

  • Image of the Month: Stripped Away

    Myelin, the insulating material surrounding our neurons, is damaged by a variety of so-called “demyelinating diseases,” the most common of which is multiple sclerosis. Researchers are working to find drugs that could allow doctors to rebuild or replace these protective coverings.

    Microscopic image of myelin and oligodendrocytes. Appears as red dots scattered across black lines.