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Dome March/April 2019

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Dome March/April 2019

The Organ Donor, the Surgeon and a U.S. First for People Living with HIV

Nina Martinez and transplant surgeon Dorry Segev made history with the nation's first kidney donation from a person living with HIV.

Dome March/April 2019

Precision Medicine Symposium Showcases Data-Driven Research

A May 30 event highlights current precision medicine research, and offers a glimpse into the future.

Dome March/April 2019

Empowering Women in Academic Medicine

New efforts to recruit more women to the Osler Medical Training Program are paying off.

Dome March/April 2019

Detecting Tumors’ Resistance to Radiation Therapy

Johns Hopkins research shows potential of inHealth precision medicine approach.

Dome March/April 2019

A Conversation with Steve Snelgrove

The president of Howard County General Hospital discusses his five years in the job and what lies ahead.

Dome March/April 2019

Expansion of Johns Hopkins at Green Spring Station Will Make a Big Impact on Outpatient Care

The Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center, which opened 25 years ago at Green Spring Station in Baltimore County, is growing once again.

Dome March/April 2019

The Precursors Study: 1948 to Now

A study that began 71 years ago is still breaking new ground as it follows its original cohort of Johns Hopkins medical students into old age.

Dome March/April 2019

Story Booth Invites People to Share Their Health Care Experiences

A recording booth at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center is collecting patient and caregiver stories.

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