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Dome March/April 2018

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Dome March/April 2018

Better Pain Management in Every Johns Hopkins Hospital

Clinicians across Johns Hopkins are solving the problem of opioid overprescribing, one patient at a time.

Dome March/April 2018

Teaching Medical Students How to Treat Pain

A required course highlights the hazards of opioids.

Dome March/April 2018

The Power of Psychological First Aid

Psychologist George S. Everly Jr. teaches people how to provide emotional support to victims of catastrophes.

Dome March/April 2018

Five Things to Know about Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests

As direct-to-consumer DNA tests become more popular, Johns Hopkins genetic experts explain their limitations and risks.

Dome March/April 2018

A Portrait of Resilience

A leader in women’s health in Afghanistan, physician Hamida Ebadi fled decades of war in 2014. Today, she supervises environmental care workers at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Dome March/April 2018

Alliance Expands Research Potential

The Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network connects investigators to patients in other hospitals.

Dome March/April 2018 Joins Industry Efforts to Better Secure the Web

In an age of digital uncertainty, visitors to can be confident that the site is locked down tight.

Dome March/April 2018

First-Ever Penis and Scrotum Transplant Makes History at Johns Hopkins

Surgeons at The Johns Hopkins Hospital have performed the world’s first total penis and scrotum transplant.

Dome March/April 2018

Celebrating 125 Years at the School of Medicine

Dean/CEO Paul B. Rothman reflects on the institution’s legacy as well as new ways of teaching and advancing medicine.

Dome March/April 2018

Finding Joy

Using lessons from their own experiences, peer recovery coaches at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center offer encouragement to patients receiving treatment for substance use disorder.

Dome March/April 2018

A Mission to Reinvigorate Bedside Medicine

Johns Hopkins residents spend as little as 12 percent of their time at the bedside, a recent study found, raising concerns about eroding clinical skills. Taking a “back-to-the-future” approach, Osler leaders are working to improve the interface between doctors and patients.

Dome March/April 2018

Program Thrives with Johns Hopkins Mentors

Through a new academic partnership, Dunbar High School students earn college credits while preparing for college and employment.

Dome March/April 2018

Hopkins History Moments

Neil A. Grauer reveals the medical secrets of a mummy and other little-known facts from the annals of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Dome March/April 2018

Health System Leaders Work Together for Better Opioid Stewardship

Johns Hopkins experts are developing new policies and guidelines.

Dome March/April 2018

A Last Chance to Manage Chronic Pain

Johns Hopkins inpatient program untangles the physical and psychological sources of pain.

Dome March/April 2018

Matching Patient with Treatment

A new analytics platform will help Johns Hopkins doctors provide care that is tailored to individual patients.

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