March 2016

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A Publication for the Johns Hopkins Medicine Family

Snow Days

Employees throughout the Johns Hopkins Health System demonstrate their dedication during the historic blizzard.

The image shows a picture of a snow graphic.

Articles in this Issue

  • Primary Care 101

    Clerkship brings Johns Hopkins medical students face to face with patients and community doctors.

    Using a shared stethoscope, med student Anila Chaudhary listens to patient Maria Aponte’s heart as internist Fernanda Porto Carreiro looks on.
  • On a Mission to Treat Addictions

    Partnership between Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Helping Up Mission program improves the odds for conquering substance abuse in East Baltimore.

    Denis Antoine
  • Combating Sleep Woes

    Johns Hopkins Integrated Sleep Medicine treats sleep apnea and other disorders.

    The photo shows Susan Franklin.
  • Ordering Off the Menu

    Twenty-five units at The Johns Hopkins Hospital adopt a pain control menu.

  • Free After-Hours Clinic

    Employee Health and Wellness Center offers extended evening hours for employees seeking treatment of nonemergency, nonwork-related illnesses or injuries.

  • Evaluate Your Work Environment

    Employee Engagement Survey for Johns Hopkins Medicine faculty and staff runs from March 21 to April 10.

  • SPEAK 2 US

    24/7 hotline allows employees to report concerns about illegal or unethical behavior in the workplace.

  • Biennial Bravos

    New report presents accomplishments of Johns Hopkins Medicine

    A photo shows Ronald Peterson.
  • Shuttle Diplomacy

    Commuters have formed an unlikely bond on the 20-minute ride from The Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus to The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    BUS riders 1_cropped_640px
  • In Brief: March 2016

    Gift focuses on restoring hearing loss; new supply chain newsletter; Johns Hopkins Home Care Group website relaunch

  • Who/What March 2016

    James Page Jr., vice president and chief diversity officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine, is among March's featured employees.

    James Page Jr.